Hear from leading writers, artists, and innovators who share slow stories—and big ideas—about living, working, and creating intentionally in our digital age. Hosted by Rachel Schwartzmann.


MAY 2020

At eighteen years old, I unknowingly began building my business. In the years to follow, I would achieve my goal of creating a boutique content company, grace the (digital) pages of esteemed publications, and work with some of the biggest brands in the world. I would do all of this in under ten years with the assumption that proving myself took precedence over pacing myself. At a certain point, I began to view my role and relationship with content as daunting rather than a vehicle for creativity. When I stopped running and started to reflect, I realized that creating content doesn't always mean creating contentment.

Living and working in the digital age adds a new layer of complexities when it comes to establishing our relationship with pace in the modern world. Slowing down has been a widespread discussion across the globe. People are searching for ways to log off, longing for self-preservation, and beginning to challenge the cultural standards of success. In my own work, I have been partnering with and featuring others who are invested in movements like slow fashion and slow food. When I first started this podcast in October 2018, I was tired, but I was also curious. I wanted to speak with other creative professionals and founders to get their take on the rising slow content movement. Sure enough, I realized the conversations I was having with people from all walks of life were just scratching the surface of how this movement could transform the digital space (for the better).

We've all collectively been making deliberate decisions to zoom out and assess how to best operate in a way that suits our lifestyles. While it is a privilege for us to be able to take the time to do this, it's also become apparent that we must consider how our relationship with slowness will impact our lives when it doesn't come by choice. So many of us are experiencing the brunt of this as we endure slower and altogether stunted lives in a period of political tumult, global health crises, and economic disparity.

In one of my earliest podcast episodes, Nichole Powell of Kinfield aptly articulates the environment we're now all navigating: "There is tremendous power in the pause. When we take the time to pause and slow down, we begin to subtly shift our mindset from being reactive to proactive—and that gives us the space to be deliberate about building the life we want." Despite all of the noise, Nichole's words couldn't have come at a better time. Because in those moments of pause, we create space to ask urgent questions that we might not typically take the time to answer.

In the periods where we aren't running the rat race, or there isn't as much content and fodder to distract us during the day, we will have a much bigger decision to make—one that goes beyond deciding whether to post less or unplug more. At a certain point, we must determine who we are in the moments of slowness—of stillness. And afterward, we must accept that this is enough.

We owe it to ourselves to write a new narrative about what it means to live, work, and create in our interconnected age. I hope Slow Stories gives you the inspiration and courage to slow down and, when you're ready, begin your next chapter.

Thank you for being here,
Rachel Schwartzmann